Collectcent is a leading adtech company incorporated in 2013 and has a team size of 170+ employees across 7 office locations. We work with direct Publishers and Tier I demand stack comprising top Advertisers and more demand partners across the globe on various business models like CPM, CPI and CPA for the banner and video advertising.

MOTIONSPOTS by Collectcent

On our Supply Side Platform, Motionspots, we monetize and yield revenues for over 700 direct Mobile App Publishers using our platform solution, maximizing the value of their inventory.
We have mobile in-app traffic from our SDK/ API and tag-based integrations with Tier I traffic sources. Volumes Per Day: Over 30 billion impressions worldwide & 9000 Global Campaigns. Technology: Our technology is proprietary, with in-built redundancy. We buy and supply traffic on Real-time bidding (Ver 2.5, backward compatible till Ver 2.3).
Fraud Protection: Our SIVT% has always been consistently under the threshold levels.

Contact Person: Sonia Singh