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What is Masterclass?

Brought to you by the India Affiliate Summit team, Masterclass is the 2 days of leading-edge, directly applicable, high level training for digital marketers & ecommerce entrepreneurs.

This 2 days event brings together some of the world’s top ecommerce, launching products with JVZOO, Media Buyers in Native advertising, Google, Facebook, Content Arbitrage & viral marketing minds.

Why you need to Attend?

This Masterclass will give attendees the exact tools and tactics needed to break into the ecommerce, Media Buying on multiple platforms, launching products, as well as advanced strategies to build high growth, fully sustainable businesses and brands. Of course, everything will come straight from the Guru’s, First time at any event you’ve come to expect from IAS team & you’ll get a chance to meet and network with the experts.

  • 1100 - 1200 hrs
  • Moonis Ali

    7 Figure Ecommerce Secrets

  • 1230 - 1330 hrs
  • Nishkarsh Sharma

    Dominating Quarter 4 with Print on Demand

  • 1500 - 1600 hrs
  • Vipul Garg

    Dropshipping 2.0 For India

  • 1630 - 1700 hrs
  • Nilay Chakrapani

    Tiktok ads as an alternative to Facebook for Indian e-commerce?

  • 1100 - 1200 hrs
  • Emanuel Cinca

    What it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer

  • 1230 - 1330 hrs
  • Rohit Ajmani

    How to scale to 6 Figures Ad revenue on your websites Leveraging the power of Snapchat and Facebook ads.

  • 1500 - 1600 hrs
  • Vipul Taneja

    How to Make 6-Figure Campaigns on Native Ads this Quarter

  • 1630 - 1700 hrs
  • Sumit Ghosh

    White Hat Funnels for Lead Generation and CPA Marketing