August 10, 2017


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DigiGlitz was envisioned by Ashish, and Shainesh when the two met for drinks one day. Upset with zero tolerance and constant power struggles, the three friends decided to build an organization of their own where employees would care for one another and strive towards a collective success. Starting with friendship, compassion, and knowledge of the industry as their only assets, DigiGlitz has grown to become one of the strongest players in the digital marketing sphere.
At DigiGlitz, innovation and curiosity drive the best and brightest minds to push the boundaries of creativity and technology. We specialize in web development and online marketing techniques using Video mediums, Display networks, Emails & SMS and other online advertising techniques. With each new project we strive to accelerate the development of a brand by providing the right digital push for their all-round growth.
Our passionate team is big enough to cater to your needs yet small enough provide personalized care. We listen, understand, track, and analyse your requirements to offer the most effective solution. We work with precision and every person at DigiGlitz plays an integral part in adding value to your brand.