Nexolt Smartedge


Nexolt SmartEdge is a Customer Relationship Management platform enabled by a deep understanding of the customers and their behavior. It brings together the ability of predictive micro-segmentation and campaign automation technologies to create consistent deliveries.

Nexolt SmartEdge is an amalgamation of logic and intuition to create an interactive platform that allows marketers to deliver personalized, real-time, multi-channel conversations with customers that create the sharpest edge through a combination of unique parameters to convert non-paying customers to engaged loyalists. In addition to that, it also allows marketers to maximize different metrics across the customer lifecycle: customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

It is one of its own kind with the help of intuitive and predictive customer modeling, Nexolt SmartEdge first re-frames the challenge and then delivers an optimal result. The eco-system uses predictive customer modeling to personalize retention campaigns.

Contact Person: Jay Singh Atwal